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Spiritual warriors who commune with nature to aid them in battle

Mystics call upon the raw power of the world to help allies and hinder enemies. In addition to magical attacks and healing, mystics can drain a foes' very essence, using it to replenish that of their allies.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Spiritual warriors who call on the forces of nature

Mystics call upon Arunic and Sharan energy to help allies and hinder enemies. They can restore life or drain it with a simple gesture.

Mechanics and Skills[edit | edit source]

The Mystic communes with spirits and uses their power to support allies. This class has various abilities to boost the power of their allies. Mystics spontaneously use the power of spirits to support their allies and incapacitate enemies.

Mystics are very fragile by nature as they only wear light armor, therefore their strength lies in seeking aid from spirits. Mystics observe battles from afar and react according to the situation. It takes a lot of practice to develop this intuition.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

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